White North Studios is an audio/ visual studio located in Clarington, Canada owned and operated by composer/ producer/ multi-instrumentalist and international touring musician Morgan Rider. White North Studios was founded during the winter of 2014 to meet a variety of audio/ visual needs ranging from game and film music composing, television audio, sound design, custom graphics, logos, flyers and website design. Featuring a humble setup with some of the most sophisticated instrument software instruments on the market, White North Studios is capable of tackling project both large and small!

Please feel free to contact me for all jobs HERE!

Apple IMAC 27″ Quad-core i7
Apple Macbook Pro 13″ Dual-core i7
Steinburg UR24 8×8 interface
Steinburg UR44 interface
Allen & Heath ZED10FX
Yamaha P200 Piano
Yamaha HS8 reference monitors
KRK Rokit 8 reference monitors
Apex 540 large diaphragm microphone
ART m-two cardioid microphone
Neumann TLM103 cardioid condenser microphone
Shure Beta 52 dynamic microphone
Shure SM58 dynamic microphones
Shure SM57 dynamic microphones
Right Hook Metal dynamic microphone

Cubase Pro 8
Photoshop CS6
EastWest Hollywood Brass Gold
EastWest Hollywood Strings Gold
EastWest Hollywood Woodwinds Gold
EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
Quantum Leap Voices of the Apocalypse
Quantum Leap RA
EastWest Storm Drum 2 & 3
Quantum Leap Pianos Gold
EastWest Quantum Leap Solo Violin
Eduardo Tarilonte Forest Kingdom II
EastWest Quantum Leap Spaces Convolution Reverb
Quantum Leap Silk
Ilio RMX Stylus
Synthogy Ivory II
Ilio Omnisphere 2
Heavyocity Evolve
ProjectSAM Symphobia 3: Lumina
ProjectSAM Orchestral Elements 1 & 2
Izotope Ozone 7

 White North Studios